MALCOLM RIVERS is not a typical hardcore band. On the one hand their songs are clearly rooted in the hardcore genre, on the other hand, these 5 guys from Münster throw their focus in various directions: Elements out of a vast pool of neighboring (sometimes not too neighboring) genres have left outstanding marks in their music.

Meanwhile their songs don‘t appear to be overloaded or randomized, instead MALCOLM RIVERS has its own identity. Just like MALCOLM RIVERS the schizophrenic protagonist of the thrilling movie ‚Identity‘ who unifies different personalities and characterforms and has led to the band’s name.

The idea of MALCOLM RIVERS emerged in 2008, when guitarist Jan was looking for musicians to play hardcore music without any boundaries. After (and typical early stage) back and forth the lineup was set in summer 2009. The first self-titled EP was released in the beginning of 2011.

In every band – why would it be different with MALCOLM RIVERS – time has led to shiftings in lifeplanning and priorities of certain bandmembers. So MALCOLM RIVERS had to put up with some reformation within the group and cast new members that fully believe in the idea behind the band.: writing inventive and moving songs that exhaust the range of hardcore music.

The Evolution EP came out with the corresponding DIY-lyricvideo of “The Demise” in early 2013. Live MALCOLM RIVERS has had the honor to support bands such as Darkest Hour, Bury Tomorrow, Funeral For A Friend, Hills Have Eyes, Continents or Mayday Parade. The new record will be released in 2016.

Consistently MALCOLM RIVERS develop their very own sound and create songs that lie somewhere along the line of (Post)-Hardcore and Metal with a subtle mix of electronic elements – quite not the typical hardcore band.